How to recover brave rewards

I changed from a laptop to a desktop recently I’ve lost my brave rewards even though I have synced it with my laptop, now I don’t have the laptop and want to recover my reward plz help me (I’ve been using it for the past 4 years :frowning: ) Now I do have my 12 secret phrase for a wallet,

NOTE: I’ve not verified my wallet because at that time no wallet was supported for India

plz help me I don’t want to hear it’s not possible.

Windows and Brave version 1.61.109

not verified (at that time no wallet is supported for India so I can’t verify it)


Then you don’t have it.

vBAT never was able to be synced. Each browser had its Rewards saved to it and never could sync with other browsers or devices. The only way to “sync” balances was to be connected to a custodial partner.

Too bad you didn’t pay attention to all the announcements in the browser, on Reddit, here on Brave Community, etc. You had until the end of October to link to a custodial partner.

For example, the links below:

And of course ZebPay launched in August/September

India is Back as Supported Region for Brave Rewards in Nightly (now in Release)!

In other words, anything you had is gone.

:sob::sob::sob: no… I don’t want to hear this… I have so much hope for this

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