Brave rewards not verified giving Error: Region Not Supported

Brave Rewards logged out from my Uphold account giving the message
“Error: Region not supported”
“Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.”
My region is Pakistan.
Can someone help me understand how Pakistan is not supported region. I get this message on laptop but not on my phone. How come phones from Pakistan are supported and laptops from Pakistan are not supported?

Hi @hisham welcome back.

Please be advised of the following changes when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner.

You are still eligible to earn rewards by using the browser and claiming your BAT at the beginning of every month. However, the limitation is that you will not be able to connect a custodian account to withdraw your rewards from the browser.

I hope this answers any questions or concerns you might have.


Hey, because of some difficulties Verification with Uphold/Gemini is only limited to countries listed below →

I’m from India having the same issue. All we can do is to wait patiently for our region to get supported and then reconnect to the exchanges. You can still earn BAT and store them by claiming them each month which will store them on local files and do note, a clean installation of Brave/Reset data/Formatting the device will make you lose the rewards. Hope this helps. Cheers!

How and when can I claim and store them on local files? Isn’t there any way to get these BATs into your Brave wallet? There is a chance of losing if stored in local files. Transferring to Brave wallet would be better.

Umm you just have to click the Claim button when they arrive. They’ll be stored automatically. As of now, no, you can’t transfer to Brave wallet as that would require KYC from Brave’s end (The KYC you had done for verification is for Uphold/Gemini).
Im giving a link for a post below, that one guides how you can do manual backup of BATs on windows, macos and Linux →


When will pakistan be supported if anyone knows cause I am from pakistan as well

No timeline. Can’t say anything for sure. Brave has a target of getting workable regions back by the end of the year though. Maybe they’ll add Pakistan with India, not sure though. BTW take care! heard about floods in Pakistan! stay strong!

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Ye ik I am safe but some area are not

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