How to opt out of Ad Notifications

I don’t mind seeing an occasional Ad Banner here and there from time to time but I definitely don’t want to be disturbed by intrusive Ad Notifications, so how do I stop receiving these annoying notifications?

I’m starting to find Brendan Eich and Brave less trustworthy as time goes by! This entire ad system locking in users, advertisers and publishers to the Brave browser certainly isn’t the right way to go about it. The ad system should be open so as to give users the freedom to chose which browser they want to use. Locking in the various parties involved will eventually lead to fragmentation as other players (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) implement their own way to handle ads.

@Olivier Please disable or turn off the Ads switch in brave://rewards page to opt out of Ads Notifications.


@gsarvadnya Thank you, but doesn’t this block ALL ads (including website banner ads) and not just ad notifications?

@Olivier This will just stops showing Ads notification for brave ads, this will not impact website and banner ads.