No more ads in intrusive system notifications

While I like the idea of BAT, intrusive system notifications is not a way to surface ads. That is not what system notifications are for. There are already several posts about this issue where they either ask on how to turn it off or the complaint just goes unaddressed and the post gets automatically closed after a while.

I would finally like to see a response from the team when this complaint will actually be addressed and how. Turning off the “Ads” under brave://rewards is not the solution. Sure, it will stop ads from appearing but then what is the point of Brave Rewards? I’m fine seeing (static) ads on new browser tabs and however else they may be shown within the browser but not system notifications.

If I could get a response, that would be appreciated.

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And just like all the other posts… there’s no response and it will be automatically closed in 8 days.

Hello @userFB,
Sorry for late response. And thanks for the feedback!

By enabling Brave Ads, user is agree and allowing Brave to show them ads. I think we need to agree at this point first.

Also, by design, Brave Ads is designed not to be intrusive and interrupting users activity. In other word, Brave Ads is designed to show user ads at the right time. The setting also “limited” to maximum up to 5 ads per hour.

Regarding the type of ads, like mentioned in the announcements months ago, the current available ads is user ads, which is leveraging notification to show ads.

Publishers ads, the one shown on webpages like the current digital ads is in the works.

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@eljuno Your response is not addressing my question. Based on your grammar and misspellings, English does not seem to be your first language. Is this impairing your understanding of the ask?

Let me try to explain this another way; system notifications are intrusive by design, to draw attention to something important. Ads on the other hand are never important. They are especially irrelevant when the browser is not even in focus, yet system notifications with ads continue to be displayed.

How and when is Brave going to address removing ads in system notifications, while keeping Brave Rewards intact?

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