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I absolutely HATE having to type a new search at the top of the page, yet I can’t find a setting anywhere which allows me to set as the the default page for a new tab. Surely this is the most basic requirement anybody would ask for? I have already set the search page as a desktop shortcut, but each new tab automatically opens with that primitive looking full screen with a combined search-term/url window at the top.

Hello @TVEye, thank you for letting us know about this. If you want everytime you open a new tab, please do the following:

Go to > brave://settings/appearance > Show home button > toggle it ON > enter custom web address >

Then go to > brave://settings/newTab > New tab page shows > Homepage That’s how you will get the expected result. Hope it helps. Regards.

Thank you – it worked, although I must admit I became very confused trying to follow those instructions and it took me several attempts. The different stages seemed to contradict each other at first and I wasn’t expecting it to work when it did. I’d rather the cursor landed automatically in the Search box rather than on the url, but that will do for now. I do think you could probably make it easier to achieve this. Does anybody really prefer to type searches into the url bar?
I can’t be bothered to install Chrome again now, but I have a feeling it was made much more simple. In that case I had to make it open each new tab in the version.

Just one other small request if I’m allowed to tag it onto here (I will make it a new topic if really necessary). Having ditched Chrome, I find the default Chrome desktop icons were far easier on the eye than the rather ‘in-yer-face’ ones supplied by Brave. Can you recommend a genuinely free and varied source of icons to replace them with?

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