How to keep access to Google and Gmail active?

Good morning everyone,
I have installed the latest version of Brave browser and my question is:

Why does the Brave browser no longer keep Google and Gmail access active?

if I use the Chrome browser it keeps me logged in to Google/Gmail even if I close it and/or restart the PC…
With the Brave browser, however, I have to log in every time I restart the pc …

Do you have the same problem as me?
Please, can anyone give me a solution?


Are you clearing cookies on exit? Check for that.

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I have not activated the option to delete cookies on exit:


Open brave://settings/passwords?search=pass

Enable Offer to save passwords and Auto Sign-in

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I’m sorry but this cannot be a solution because:

  1. I don’t want (and don’t have to) save my password in the browser;
  2. I don’t want to log in again, but keep my login active as it happened until some time ago (and as it still happens today on Chrome)

Thanks anyway


May be this is what is good for you: you can exit Brave while leaving it running in the background. For this to work, go to


and enable Continue running background apps when Brave is closed

I also tried this but if I close Brave and then I reopen it, I find myself disconnected from Google/Gmail…
I don’t understand why



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