Brave keeps my g mail password whatever I do

Brave keeps my G Mail password whatever I do.
When launching Brave i can see my G mail opening. I’d like to have to log each time.

@misterp you’d have to log out each time or you’ll have to clear cookies from your browser, which will log you out of everything. If you’re comfortable having cookies deleted upon exit, then go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and make sure you’re on the On Exit tab, then choose Cookies and other site data.

The other option would be to use a private window each time. This would automatically delete history and cookies from the session.

Thank you.
I don’t understand quite well why it logs me to G mail after I did delete the passwords, and also after having selected “passwords and other sign in data” + “auto form data”
You say that I have to delete all the cookies ? Why ?
That doesn’t happen in Firefox. Where are my email + password located in Brave? It"s a question of security.
And I don’t necessary want to delete my history and my other opened tabs. Do I have to do it?..
… Okay, I got it, I selected clear cookies, in additon, and I still could see the other opened tabs launched.

@misterp I may have misunderstood and responded differently. When I saw it, I was reading it as if it is keeping you logged in. Not that it’s saving your password and doing an autofill.

So if you’re saying that you open the web browser and Google is already signed in, that’s happening because you signed in and it’s retaining the cookies. You stay signed into Google until you sign out and/or erase cookies.

If you’re saying it’s retaining the password and allowing you to sign in that way, but you’re still at the login screen, then that means you have your information saved in autofill. You would have to erase that data and then make sure you’re not opting to save the information again the next time you sign in.

brave://settings/autofill or SettingsAutofillPassword Manager. It’s saved on your device and is encrypted. Only gets saved if you choose to have it saved.

Yes, it’s the first option. So, it’s like that. Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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