How to get rid of annoying popup

I’m using puppeteer to automate browser actions and whenever i run my code I get this extremely annoying popup

My code is functioning correctly, the path it shows in the popup is the profile I’m loading for userDataDir on puppeteer. I don’t think it has anything to do with my code as it works fine but every time I run it it gives that annoying popup before launching brave and doing its tasks. I’m on the latest version and I have tried launching as administrator yet it doesn’t do anything.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with this as its also the first time I’m using brave and I’m really lost.

Hi @Golden8 - looks like you need to escape the path (this is a Windows thing). Basically, if you’re using backslashes, you’re going to want to double those. So like:
C:\\Users\\NameHere\\Desktop\\skinport test\\Users\\NameHere\\AppData\\Local\\BraveSoftware\\Brave-Browser\\User Data\\Profile 1

I usually use the shortcut path %LOCALAPPDATA%\\BraveSoftware\\Brave-Browser\\User Data - but I’m not sure if puppeteer expands variables or not.

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If I add double backticks the popup does go away, however it loads brave without any profile and on default settings. I need it to load brave on a specific profile but whenever I try to do that it gives me that popup and the only solution loads brave on what I assume is guest mode or some sort of default mode

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