How to fix weird screen glitch when opening tabs?

When I open a new tab or switch to different tab or basically whenever a page opens i get a really weird tearing/glitchy screen and after 10 seconds it becomes normal.
On my phone brave is perfectly normal.

[Version 1.58.127 Chromium: 117.0.5938.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Here is a yt vid I just uploaded of it:

@DayzBone tricky part here is there’s a lot of moving parts of what you could be seeing. Some of the general troubleshooting for many things, to at least narrow down possible issues, would be to test below (try each separately, don’t combine steps):

  • Go to SettingsSystem and disable Use hardware acceleration when available (this tests if it might be an issue between Brave and your graphics card)

  • Test in private window. Don’t let extensions run in private (this is primarily testing if issue is because of your extensions)

  • Test on a second browser profile with everything default, meaning don’t add extensions or change settings. (this is mainly ruling out settings or cookies as the culprit, but also another verification it’s not extensions)

  • If issue occurs despite changes above, could you try on Brave Beta or Brave Nightly versions and see if it occurs there? (this is just seeing if it’s version specific on your device, overall)

  • If issue occurs on Nightly and/or Beta, can you check on Chrome and see if issue is there as well? (Lets it be known if it’s a Chromium issue or just a problem on Brave only)

One last thing to try, if you’d like, is to refresh your graphics drivers. This is especially going to be useful if you saw an improvement by turning off hardware acceleration. I know some who were having issues with YouTube and all have done this and said issues went away. The simple way to do this on Windows is to press +Ctrl+Shift+B at the same time. You’ll hear a small beep and your screen will flash/flicker for a second.

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Thank you, disabling hardware acceleration worked.

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Just a FYI that’s more of a workaround than a solution. It just is letting you know is something with your graphics card that’s not working well with Brave. It could be settings, driver, or that your graphics card just isn’t all that good.

The purpose of hardware acceleration is to relieve the burden on your CPU and split tasks, which typically loads things faster and more efficiently. It’s just going to be a matter of what you want to test and work on, or if it’s just easier and more beneficial for you to keep hardware acceleration off.

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