Whenever i leave tabs open my entire monitor glitches badly

Description of the issue: Every time i am opening brave it glitches really badly i am not even able to move my mouse befor the monitor becomes black. What i mean is everytime i run the program my screen keep becoming black for a brief second and this keeps reapeating everytime i move my mouse, after i am done closing it my screen still flickers.

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary).1 This happens when i open brave browser immediately.

Expected result: The screen will keep glitching and it requires me to close all tabs and switch offf brave, this happened before and i reinstalled it and this problem stopped breifly but then it started again and its so bad i cant even acsess brave. Infact right now my monitor is glitching as i tried to open brave few minutes ago. To fix the monitor glitch i have to restart my system.

Reproduces how often: Evrytime ive opened brave today.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): My operating system is windows 10 but as i am not able to acsses brave right now.

Additional Information: i have imporatnt documents downloded in brave please look into this as a priority complaint.

Do you have multiple GPUs, or a GPU and a CPU with integrated graphics processing (e.g. a laptop with a graphics card)?
If so, could you check whether launching Brave with the other processor gives the same result (right-click Brave icon → Run with graphics processor)?
If not, could you try updating your graphics drivers to see whether that helps?

If at all possible despite the flickering, make sure that under brave://settings/system Continue running background apps and Use hardware acceleration are both disabled.

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