How to find a 'safe' (i.e., earlier) version of The Great Suspender extension?

In the wake of the recent disclosures about the current owner of The Great Suspender extension, I’ve seen recommendations to install the last version by the original developer.

How does one find an earlier version of a browser extension?


Apologies but next time you have a question like this, you might be better off asking this question somewhere else as it does not have to do with Brave specifically.

That said, I would recommend looking at their Github page for earlier releases

@mattches OK sorry & thanks for the Github tip & link.

I was open to feedback/recommendations from other users of TGS with Brave about doing what I had in mind, so it didn’t seem outside the scope of Brave community.

Would it have been okay to post in the ‘Uncategorized’ category?

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You’re a regular here and honestly I’m not super concerned about it – just wanted to flag it.

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