IMPORTANT: Users of THE GREAT SUSPENDER extension should immediately check out these threads at GitHub…

… and then decide whether continued use of TGS is worth the risks.

► ALSO: Just published today…

Ditch ‘The Great Suspender’ Before It Becomes a Security Risk” . . .

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Now also this WARNING at Ghacks . . .

“We no longer recommend the Chrome extension The Great Suspender. Here is why!”

NOTE: Don’t uninstall TGS until you’ve backed up your tabs or you will lose them.

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Google cared enough and disabled this extension. Why didn’t Brave do the same?

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I’m pretty sure extensions can’t be disabled once installed. Do you really want Google or anyone else disabling something on your browser before you’ve had a chance to secure relevant data or config information? I surely don’t. All Google did was remove TGS from their marketplace which obviously impacted Brave users in the exact same way as Chrome users. Net-net is I don’t see that Brave had a role to play here…

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The great suspender was disabled in chrome, which a popup saying “malicious extension”.
I recommend the fork by aciidic for anyone who wants the functionality without the malicious code.

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@rhystedstone Thanks, The Marvellous Suspender is one I’ve seen recommended over the past couple of weeks and is also covered at Github.

Have you compared the fork by aciidic to TMS?

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