Attempted installation of Chrome extension unsuccessful. Are there known Chrome extensions that won't install in Brave?

Have tried unsuccessfully to install a recommended replacement extension (“The Marvellous Suspender”) for the now-disdained “The Great Suspender” (the latter has been removed from the Chrome Web Store).

“Add to Brave” remains on-screen, and clicking “Add to Brave” again returns the following error message:

Clicking either ‘Reload’ or ‘Close’ has no discernible effect.

TMS does not appear in my list of extensions.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

(I’ve posted about it at GitHub on the developer’s webpage.)

Also, are there known extensions that won’t install in Brave – and if so, are the reasons why also known?


Hi @Mattches, would appreciate your confirming whether or not you or others at Brave are aware of any known Chrome extensions that haven’t worked in Brave.

I haven’t run across any to date, but… (see original post above).


I didn’t have any issue installing the extension in Brave. Worked just as intended. It may be conflicting with an extension already installed, could be that your cache needs to be cleared again. Does it install on a fresh profile?

@Mattches Thanks, but since it never got past the ‘Install’ stage – i.e. the “Add to Brave” button never changed to indicate successful installation, could another extension be conflicting with it even so?

The error message displayed (see above) when I clicked on “Add to Brave” again (i.e., after seeing no installation reported) made me wonder whether it was looking for “Chrome” instead of Brave and failed to install because of that. => “This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome.”

Again, I was able to install it without any issue so I do not believe there is any issue between the browser and the extension. Can you please tell me if installing the extension works on a fresh profile?

@mattches Yes, so far looks okay in the new profile.

I’m not totally on top of what ‘profiles’ do or mean.

Can I assume this doesn’t mean I have to be in the profile it was installed under in order to use it?



I’m not seeing the extension in the other profile. It displays only in the profile under which I installed it.

Yes, that is how profiles work. I was asking you to do that to confirm that the extension can be installed in Brave. It means that the conflict has something to do with the browser profile you’re using now.

Can you please try clearing your cache/browsing data in the original profile and see if you can install the extension after?

@Mattches Cleared cache/browsing data. Attempted to install TMS in original profile. No luck.

Can you look in ~/Library/Application Suppot/BraveSoftware/Brave-browser/[your profile name]/Extensions and see if you see the following directory:


If so, this is the Marvelous Suspender extension, please trash it any anything held within it, then try to install the extension again.

some of them doesn’t work with Brave like

Thanks but I don’t see it. I see four other folders with similar long character string names, corresponding (I assume) to the four extensions I do have installed, but not that one.

@LorisTecnology Thanks but we’ve already determined that the extension installs normally, just not in my default profile.

Did you clear your browsing data for all time? Namely the Downloads section but it’s probably best to clear it all.

@mattches I cleared (check-marked) everything except the ‘shields’ settings. The default displayed was ‘for all time’. I didn’t change it

My downloads page (brave://downloads/) is now empty.

And does the extension work?


> And does the extension work?


@mk7z there another thing i think of

start brave using flags

close brave and moake sure it does not work in the background

start brave using the following command

open -a "Brave" -n --args --user-data-dir

to get know what this do check this

it will start brave and it will look like as it new profile then wait a little then close brave then start brave again in the normal way sometime that force brave/chrome to fix some issue in the profiles

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks @justsomeone1

Is there anything potentially destructive in running that command or is it completely safe – i.e., the worst that can happen is that it won’t have any effect?

What does the command actually do – reset all the profile parameters to their defaults? If so, what user settings I may have changed at some point will return to the defaults?

Not sure what you mean by “make sure it [Brave] does not work in the background”? I know how to ‘quit’ and ‘restart’ Brave. How to make sure it doesn’t work in the background I don’t have a clue.

You saw that I noted that the extension installs normally in a different profile, right? (just in case that has any relevance to your recommendation).

@mattches Can you comment on justsomeone’s suggestion – i.e., whether the command line option with the –user-data-dir flag is likely to correct the issue (and that it at least won’t do anything I might not want it to)?

As mentioned above, the data clearing (cache, cookies, etc.) did not cure the problem.


The command opens the browser with the a specific user profile given it’s location/path: