Which 'tab suspender' extension is best for Brave (on a Mac)?

The developer of The Marvellous Suspender extension has notified users that because of his inability to adapt it for Manifest V3, the extension’s life will soon come to an end.

Which tab suspender extension do most Mac users of Brave favor?

I know that Brave has native suspension but TMS had additional features that I used. I’m hoping some or all of those are duplicated in another extension.

One – not even related to ‘tab suspension’ – was an easily-generated list of all open windows and tabs that, if saved as a webpage, served as a backup for them and could also provide a quick, printable reference for them.

Thanks for any suggestions.

What features do you need? I use this to prevent tabs reloading on startup, and find that the default is fine for everything else.

If you want to suspend a specific tab you can use the internal page brave://discards/. It’s not pretty, but it does the job.

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@Mythical5th Thanks, looks interesting, though no reviews. The Marvellous Suspender has numerous options for suspending/unsuspending. Plus the feature I mentioned that easily creates a webpage backup and reference list of all windows & tabs.

The link to your website doesn’t seem to work. mythical5th.com

@Mythical5th Since you seem to be a developer, should it interest you (or anyone else here with the required skill), the current developer of The Marvellous Suspender has stated that he is prepared to transfer ownership of the extension to someone who can do what’s necessary to keep it alive in Manifest V3:

“The GitHub repository is totally available to someone with the desire and ability to take the project forward, I will gladly transfer ownership.”