How to do is you broke my uphold account?

You did that
and now limit reached, if I’m not wrong
@rosiecar any ideas about useless limit for uphold accounts when Brave broke your wallet?

Why are you asking me? I told you that I don’t write the rules, nor do I enforce them. I’m just the messenger, and I don’t work for Brave. You have already been told that Brave suspended your account due to irregular conduct. That is not going to be reversed.

I said about vpn , but nobody validate it and no proof so Brave is never wrong and customer are liars
how unlock my 3 accounts rate limit if Brave is not able to do anything ? why no warning before locking an account ? did they like if their bank locke their account without first alert ? makes no sense

I see this perso (seems very unhappy)
is it true ? didn’t they really pay for all ads ? there is no update since many time.
Is it legit / normal ? and you say “irregular conduct” for me… it’s not fair :frowning:

very unhappy this person but seems legit and NOBODY does nothing, not cool for customers