Yet again, Yet Again, Brave suspends my account for no reason again

I haven’t received may May, June, and now July rewards, cause APPARENTLY I don’t own my own account. Everytime I try to connect uphold to brave, I get an error pop up every time now LOL. Cause it says my account on Brave is suspended. Even though, yet again I have done nothing to warrant a suspension to my account. Like wow Brave does you staff just suspends accounts from whoever they want? If so i may as well start using another browser. Unless the staff uses a broken bot that has been suspending my account every time. Or just fire whoever manages account suspensions. I only installed this browser to save money, but if my way of saving money is now allow because my account is unjustly suspended for no reason yet again, then what is the utter point in using this s.t.u.p.i.d browser if after I was unsuspended last time I was suspended again! This browser is broken AF, suspends your account for no reason ALL THE TIME LMAO.

Well, going by how you have explained things in your topic, I’d say it sounds like you’ve been violating terms and getting suspended. They lifted suspension for you but you get caught up again because behavior didn’t change what you were doing.

If that’s truly the case, then you’re likely going to be one of the people that will receive the reply that your account won’t be reinstated. Brave had been very nice to people and giving multiple chances, but now been getting stricter on things.

That said, I’m assuming you know that you can appeal the flagged account by creating a Rewards Support Ticket at

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