Account froze for irregular activity help

After the payout was complete, I emailed @steeven with my information and he replied that my account has been frozen for irregular activity. I have not received any response as to how to fix this issue and did not receive my payout. So I contacted uphold and they told me to talk to Brave about it. Can I just get some help resolving the issue please?

Were you Self tipping?

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No I don’t even have a creator account. I made my account in March so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch with new accounts or what the issue is. I can’t seem to get an answer

Are you using a vpn ?

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Hi, @blakeb_212, please follow Asad’s instructions:

Good luck!

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I’m not very tech savvy, I don’t know what a vpn is other than the simple definition I looked up. I don’t believe so, I’m not using brave any differently than any other browser

Thank you! Finally an answer to help get this resolved

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If using a vpn gets you banned it’s counter to Brave’s values of privacy and anonymity.
Services banning users based on vpn use are just plain totaliarian.
So get your logic straight Brave, you are starting to go the google way.
Don’t be hypocrites.
I don’t care if you ban me, or freeze my wallet.
The whole uphold arrangement is wrong. You should be able to use the Brave Bat wallet just on it’s own with no 3rd parties to mess with your crypto.
I’m actually not bothered to collect BAT from ads anymore since the issues with payouts and the rewards have shrunk massively in time.
You are loosing trust and making people angry Brave, get your **** together.
And stop crying that people post here when they have issues.
You made those issues, deal with them.
Another “woke” company

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Using a VPN doesn’t get you banned (although the VPN will prevent your ads catalog from being refilled automatically each day). Using a VPN to get around the region restrictions for ads WILL get you banned.

Yes, Uphold sucks. That’s why Brave is working on offering additional options.

The shrinking of rewards is due to the crypto market, not because of anything Brave is doing.

No one is “crying” about people posting issues here. But if people want help with their issues, they need to help themselves and the Brave staff by at least providing the basic troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that automatically appears when they start a new thread. Anything else is just whining (which is 90% of the posts here, including yours).

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