How to disconnect the uphold account from Brave browser wallet

How to disconnect the uphold account from Brave browser wallet and use it to other wallet plzz tell me
I have connect it to 4 wallet already but I want to remove one wallet from the uphold account as I am not using it so plzz tell me how to remove the one wallet and use it on other Brave browser

No you can’t. At least for now. There’s no way to de-link the connected wallet/s.

What about this thing?

You can disconnect there?

That’s how i know you can disconnect your uphold wallet from BRAVE side. Maybe @eljuno is talking about disconnecting from Uphold side, AFAIK that´s not possible for now. Or well that´s what i know.

If I try to disconnect the brave wallet from uphold through Brave browser only by disconnect feature… Will it be disconnected???
Then can I link a new Brave browser wallet to upload… Is this ok. @eljuno

No @Sss107 . As previous said, there’s no way to de-link the connected wallet.

For the screenshot, it’s only (something like) “log out” your Uphold account. But the Rewards wallet and Uphold is still “connected”.

So u should try to add this feature like if we want to really disconnect the brave browser permanently or if the app is uninstall then what can we do in this situation

@eljuno Could you verify this method of disconnecting…

If you go to the Settings of your Uphold account, click on the Applications tab and select option Authorized applications and then click on Brave Browser, you get the option to Remove it from Uphold account.

But bro there also I have connect 4 brave browser to the uphold account but in that there is showing only one brave browser in authorised application…?

My reply was directed to @eljuno , but you’re right though. I have a similar problem where I have more than one Brave profile, but uphold shows only one connected Brave browser.

Again @robdavid @Sss107 :point_up::sweat_smile:

This decision’s made to avoid fraud. So, yeah, the team may working on it later.

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