Can I unlink Brave Rewards off my Uphold account?

I know it’s kinda stvpid question but I’m newcomer. I have Brave Rewards on my phone connected to Uphold account, but I’m going to get me a new phone instead of this one and hence my question - is there any way to unlink old phone off my Uphold wallet? I heard that Uphold have limitations regarding number of Brave Rewards wallets connected to it, so I just want it to stay clear and transparent.

hi @cryptodomin as far as I know there’s no way to unlink a wallet once is linked, somewhere in this forum I read somebody saying something about being possible to unlink wallets now but I haven’t tested it myself :thinking:

i wish they never would have forced us to use uphold. havent been able to link bat since…just sitting in my browser at all time highs with no way to access it. annoying af

Hi @cryptodomin you can only disconnect your uphold account from your browser there is no way you can unlink your uphold account but if you want to link another uphold account then there is a way that you have to first disconnect your uphold and again login with another uphold account.

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