How to disconnect the uphold account from my Brave account for rewards


I created my Brave account a long time ago, and I had connected a Uphold account that I can’t verify (with a false date of birth (I know I’m stupid) but now that I’m using Brave fully on my new computer and phone, I’m in trouble… Can you tell me how to disconnect my Uphold account?

I managed to disconnect it correctly on my publisher account, but on the user account, I searched for long hours and searched on the internet but I can’t find anything…

My version of Brave: 0.68.132


@MarOwN your brave://rewards wallet is not related with your Uphold account. It’s two different wallet. You can’t disconnect it because it’s never connected in first place.

@eljuno So how do you pay the money earned when it’s worth it to a usable wallet ?

@MarOwN as a user, if you opt-in to see Brave Ads, then ads earning will be sent to your brave://rewards wallet.

The team is working withdrawal functionality for brave://rewards wallet. Once it’s available in release channel, then you’ll be able to connect your brave://rewards wallet with your Uphold account.

All right! If I understand correctly, right now, we just can’t get that money until the functionality is implemented… I can only connect a Uphold account for the moment to my creator account to receive the money generated by my websites…

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