I want to delete all my brave browser from the uphold account

I want to disconnect permanently all my brave browser from the uphold account connected
I have connected 4 browser to the same uphold account and now it is closed
Help me to remove the browser

Just go to brave://rewards and select the “verified” dropdown and disconnect. The Help Center article below explains in more detail.

I want to unlink that uphold account permanently with the 4 brave browser
Can anyone please help

I want to use other uphold account on that brave browsers plz help

Oh. OK. I thought you couldn’t do that, but I found the following topic (older), that provides instructions you might try.

However, in another post on reddit Brave support reply says you can’t. So, conflicting information.

You can try the first topic and see if it works. If it doesn’t, the second applies. AFAIK once you link a Rewards wallet id to a custodial provider account, it is permanently linked to that account. If you try to link the Brave wallet id to a different Uphold account, you will get an error message.

Please post an update on what you tried and whether it worked or not. Also, if you receive an error message, can you post that also? It will help other community members (and me) pin down the correct answer.

Edit: Just noticed that first post was for a creator account. I do not know if creator accounts work differently or the same as Rewards. You can still try and see if it works or what messages you receive if it doesn’t.

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