I can disconnect my uphold account and connect another one in my brave account

Hello … I have problems with my uphold account that is associated with my brave. I can disconnect that account and connect my husband’s for this month’s payment.

How many browser instances have you and/or your husband verified with Uphold?

My husband has not verified any in his uphold account, only I use brave and 15 days ago I have problems with my uphold account and since my husband has a verified uphold account I want to know if I can disconnect my account from my uphold wallet and connect my brave in my husband’s wallet

Only I have a verified brave account in my uphold that now has problems, my husband has no instance of brave in uphold

You should be able to do this by going to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Verified wallet and selecting Disconnect. Then, you’ll need to ensure that you are signed into your husbands Uphold account in the browser (simply go to the Uphold website and authenticate). Then, return to Rewards Settings --> Verify wallet and re-verify using your husbands Uphold account: