How to disable zoom widget (2)

The Zoom widget is a strain, all it does is blocks menu items on my webpages.

For example. This thing:
^ A wdiget that appears after every refresh, new page, or when zooming - This feature is superfluous in design, my brain already keeps perfect track of the current zoom level and needs no reminders at such high frequency.

Why is this even added to Brave? It looks very bad, distasteful and makes the UX actually suk because it blocks page content the user is trying to interact with.

I use Ebay (for example) and this widget blocks the “my ebay” link, so I have to wait extra seconds while I’m trying to power list items because the widget just hovers over my links,

And the most idiotic part about the widget (whoever the dev was that built this widget is a true dope head) is that there is no close button, so it forces you to literally wait, if the mouse is within the bounds of the widget then it will never close.

So thanks for slowing down my extremely proficient way for doing things with your extremely irritating anti-patterns.

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I don’t think it’s supposed to keep re-appearing, unless you are changing the zoom level. It isn’t supposed to stay there or keep popping up on its own under normal conditions, so if that’s happening it may be a bug.

It’s from Chromium, so maybe you can post in their issue tracker.

In either case I doubt that insulting everyone involved in producing free software is the best way to get help with it.

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I think reappearing is not good unless one is shifting or changing the zoom

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