Remove web torrent

Web torrent is blocking all torrents. It doesn’t download any torrents and can’t find it and any way to remove it or disable it.


It is in extensions section

Thanks for the prompt reply. One further question on the subject. I open the menu on the right upper corner and go down to settings.
There is no “extensions” there. There is not much of intrest there att all.
When I write in “brave://settings/extensions” then I get a long list with just extensions.
somehow something doesn’t add upp. But in the end all worked out well.
so once again, Thanks.

After clicking main menu then Settings:

The extensions page:

Now the dime has fallen down in the slot. My mistake. I have the zoom set to 200%. And then the left side dissapeares.
Thanks for the help.

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No worries – just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a browser issue with menu items not appearing. Marking this as solved.