How to disable Youtube Chat

I just switched to Brave.
One aspect missing is the ability to easily disable certain scripts or features, in this case the Youtube Live Chat (or Chat Replay). I found this easy to do in Linux Adblocker or UOrigin, but with Brave I find I cannot do it. I can disable the buttons that Show or Hide, but not the underlying feature.
Any instructions on how to do it? I hate that Chat feature and don’t like having to open up the window in order to find the button to disable it nearly every time I load a video.

Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out.
While we do have some known issues with our CSS filter (we are currently working on fixing/these issues and enhancing the feature), this is the feature I believe you’re looking for. We’re also working on more granular script control in Shields – this would also likely be a viable solution once implemented.

We have a guide on using the CSS filter I’d recommend reading through:

I was able to use the filter to block the chat from view by using the #chat selector:

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