How do I turn off just *part* of the Brave shields for a specific site?

I can’t find any way to turn off shields for just one or two elements on a particular site. Am I missing something?

I have sites where I need access to their chat support features, and want to always see them, but I want to continue blocking everything else that Brave blocks by default.

This is super easy in Ghostery, which I use in other browsers, which shows an on/off toggle for every element blocked. In Brave, I can find a list of blocked URLs under “cross-site trackers blocked,” but that’s it, and there’s no way to act on them.

I believe we have this functionality planned for future releases, but unfortunately I don’t have an exact date for you at this time. Once this issue is resolved:

You should be able to add site exceptions to your filter lists in brave://adblock for the page elements you wish to whitelist.

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Thanks for the 411. I’ll keep an eye out for such an update. Would be great if the process could eventually be more user-friendly, i.e., showing the elements blocked by name (instead of URL) in the Shields overlay when you “unfold” each section to see what’s blocked, with on/off toggles for each element.

Basically, I think Brave’s shields are great, but I wish they had the layman’s fine-tuning available in Ghostery.


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