How to deal with loss of toolbar

Ok…the new Brave is MUCH worse than the old one, so i went back to firefox. Firefox is much worse now than it used to be also…
So I’ going to try to use Brave again in spite of the lack of toolbar - which is awful and moronic and dozens of other words my momma told me not to use. I am not a geek and admit i dont speak the language and know very little. I am lost w/o the ‘file, edit, copy etc’ at the top of the screen. I understand some of that can be accessed thru those three little lines, but i cannot for the life of me find where the functions - in particular ‘email link’ - that are under the ‘File’ tab are? Any help? How in the flying f…, uh, um, fred flinstone to I email a link or page to someone?!?

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