New version, worst browser ever. I will never use Brave again

Ubuntu 18.04,

NOTE (edit): I didn’t opt for this update, you forced it.

  1. Woke up this morning, brave wouldn’t start from the “Favorites” toolbar on Ubuntu.
  2. started it from the command line it came up with a complete (horrid) new look as if it was being run the first time.
  3. No Last Pass
  4. My ~/.config/brave directory was GONE!
  5. Fresh install still wont start from Favorites
  6. Try to get Last Pass back and ended up on GOOGLE CHROME’S EXTENSION PAGE, as if avoiding google isn’t why most people were using Brave to begin with.

This was the WORST experience I’ve ever had with any browser software and will cost hours of my time trying to reassemble useful bookmarks and settings but it will certainly not be on the new google based crappy version.

You really screwed over your user base. I hope you track your metrics. The numbers are going to plummet.

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That’s a matter of taste.

By using the Google Extensions Store, Brave developers don’t need to integrate every single extension into Brave (0.25) themselves (there’s more than a handful, do you want to add it to Brave?).

I’m still here :wink:


You installed Brave on Ubuntu 18.04, so it install via snap. Your ~/.config/brave just never existed. It is in /home/you/snap/brave

Have a look here : Brave forgets EVERYthing after update. Working as intended? to back up your history etc

And remember to breath ! To speak true words, I was fed up this morning :wink:

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Thanks n.abraham, Unfortunately I now uninstalled it so even the snap directory is gone. This was a monumental screwup. I’ve been using Brave for about a year and I’m now done with it. I’m sure they’ll loose a lot of users with this catastrophic abortion of a downgrade.

And with all the advantages of chromium and the ideas/goals of the developers, more will surely come.

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I’m not sure what your problem is. Can you try and explain more clearly?

We can see the numbrers on our end. We certainly had a lot of complaints about the migration. Hundreds, maybe. Yet a total of ~20k users migrated successfully - without issue or complaint.

We released a document the very next day outlining the update process and how to solve errors that you may have encountered. Before uninstalling, your bookmarks, browsing data, etc, were all still there on your system, ready to be imported.
We did not erase, delete or remove any data you had previously.

That’s what you should do. Your post is a total mess.

To know: For this there is an info (and instruction?) in the forum. She is even pinned:

To import: If you wonder why you should import it, you can answer that yourself. If you don’t want the data in the new version, the problem is solved. Should someone else do that for you now? Sure, you really seem to have the perspective. It’s best for the Brave Team to store your possibly intimate data in some database so that you don’t have to follow simple instructions. :+1:

A big black bear sat on a big black bug.
Betty better butter breads breads.

Hey, can you express yourself properly? You should also change your tone.

Edit: I’m not quite sure anymore if the “manual” I mentioned is really a manual.
I just flew over it.

Translated with

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He’s not browser support.
He is, however, a very involved and knowledgable member of our Community. And yes, his reply was certainly not ideal (@MediaBird, please do your best not to get frustrated - even if its understandable :slight_smile: ).

Please read the article linked above.

It goes over how to recover your data, tells you where your old Brave version is (and that it’s still there), how to import your data into the new build from it, and many other issues you may have encountered.

Once again, the answers to all of your questions are contained in the article you were linked to.
If you have other issues, open new topics, follow the guidelines, use the template, and we’re happy to help.

Here’s the article again in case you missed it.

This thread is not contributing anything useful or constructive so I’ll be closing it now. Again, as mentioned above, feel free to open new topics and post them appropriately and we’d be happy to help.
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