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  1. I’m coming from Firefox and Vivaldi my two most used browsers. One of the reasons I use them is because they allow a File Edit, etc. toolbar so I have easy access to things I use a lot, like printing and saving files. Is there such an option in Brave?
  2. If there is not, how does one print anything from a tab? Or screen print.
  3. I’m using Win10 Pro, 64 bit, 16GB ram, i7 chip. I’d like to use this browser but need a bit more than I see. Even Chrome offers these options somewhere though they do not have a File toolbar. I can’t seem to find them anywhere here.

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Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.4.95 version

Additional Information: Just thanks for looking this over and any help anyone can provide. :^)

Welcome to the Community and thanks for using Brave, @genej101. :wave:

Brave is based on Chromium, so it’s more or less have similar UI with Chrome.

On Windows, there’s no File Edit etc toolbar. But most of the settings is available within hamburger menu (three strips menu) – upper-right – including Print option.

Additionally, you can use Ctrl+P as a shortcut to Print.


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I see the three strips here. But on the toolbar/address bar, next to my extensions, which being Chromium based, as is Vivaldi, also work in Brave, there’s a yellow ! that says something needs attention but actually it is the hidden menu as one finds in Chrome itself. I do wish browser makers would consider that toolbars should be an option for those who find them useful. In that menu I found the ability to reopen recently closed tabs, something I use frequently in other browsers. So, hopefully that will stay there and I can function here. Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. :^) gene

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