Brave keeps removing and drastically changing features and functions

IMO…Version 0.61.52 (Windows)…Menu bar: gone… about:preferences etc-menu: gone… No 1:1 correlation in settings versus preferences (preferences was much better). Bookmark manager terrible. It seems that Brave is going backwards, removing features and functions I have relied on in this and other browsers for years. These are not “enhancements”. Now I have to go to some “3 dash” button then try to find something I can use (most of the time not), then hit “settings” and hope I can find something to change. Oh, but it’s not there, it was removed. I had high hopes for Brave. I think I’m done. Wholesale changes in versions, UI and functions; these not changes, but rip outs and replace and in some cases just rip-outs and no replace. Can’t find anything anymore. On top of which the latest versions of Brave between Linux and Windows do not match in feature in functions, ie: menu bar. I’ve just spent over a half an hour trying to find something that isn’t there anymore (try finding (File:Open file or the menu bar).
Try consistency. Consistency from version to version is called usability. Features and functions that are find-able and predictable is called usability.
IMO, Brave is no longer predictable and usable.

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