How to create "Add to Home screen" with locked URL bar & no control bar


I’m running Brave on Android.

A couple of weeks/month ago, I created a shortcut for YouTube on my home screen. I don’t remember the exact steps. Since then, I had a nice alternative to the official YouTube player (no ads).

Today, I wanted to do the same for a friend using the “Add to Home screen” function. However, the result looks different: The home screen icon looks different. Also, the URL bar at the top is not locked and the control bar at the bottom is visible.

I have attached screenshots so you can see the difference. Can anyone point out what I’m missing?

I did some research. If I’m correct, the shortcut from several weeks/months ago (beginning of this year) was apparently a PWA (portable web app).

Which begs the question why it’s not doable anymore? Did Brave change anything or did YouTube?

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