How to change Brave widget shortcuts?

**I want to add youtube here and I don’t know how to.

Your screenshot seems to be from your mobile screen, not from Brave browser.
So, I guess there is some kind of misunderstanding. The Brave widget is just the Brave search, it has no impact in the icons shown underneath.

If you want to add Youtube shortcut to your mobile home screen, just drag&drop the Youtube icon from all aps into the home screen.

If you want to add Youtube in the Brave “new tab”, also aka home, there is no direct way to do it in Android. But you can open Youtube N times in Brave until it shows up. The new tab shows the most used sites.

Look, example from Brave widget but after adding it to desktop I see diffrent icons.

When I click on for example FB icon then FB will open in Brave browser. I want to do something similar with YT.

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