Website shortcut on homescreen does not work anymore


Unfortunately, adding a website to the home screen does not work (anymore). Brave does create an icon on the home screen, but nothing happens when I click the icon. Brave does not open.

This happens only with a Xiaomi Device and Brave for Android 1.46.154. With other devices (non Xiaomi), the web pages open via the link created on the homescreen.

Does anyone have similar problems? Or any idea how to fix the problem?


Android 11, MIUI Global 13.0.14

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Hi Swarvey,

Thank you for your answer.

I have looked in the settings: In the “Other permissions” the check mark under “Home Screen Shortcuts” is already set. The fact ist, that Brave also puts the icon on the home screen, but Brave does not open when I click the icon. Brave is of course set as the default browser.

On another device (e.g. Samsung), the icons on the home screen also have a Brave logo in the lower right corner. That is completely missing here.

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Is this not the case for you? Could you use Brave (Android) Version 1.47.175 to create shortcuts from websites on the home screen?

Brave (Android) runs on Android 11 and MIUI 13.0.14 Global.

Does it seem to be a specific Xiaomi problem or is it due to certain settings? The required permissions have been set (see above). Are there any other settings that could prevent shortcuts from being set?

I would love to use this feature on this device as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you very much. I could try out the Nova Launcher.

But I am very confused: I think it still worked in one of the previous versions of Brave.

The Brave logo is missing on the set shortcut icon. It seems to be missing the hint that Brave should be opened. However, Brave is already set as the default browser.

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