How to claim estimated pending rewards in Brave Rewards

Hi Brave,

I installed brave on my pc using windows 7 and got Estimated pending rewards
5.9 BAT 1.47 USD, I don’t have the idea on how to claim this tokens. I cannot see options on how to claim this pending earnings. Are you able to help me?

Hoping for your kind assistance

after 6th July you will see the claim button if you don’t have verified wallet

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Thank you so much for the response user bacdat09, I appreciate you taking time to answer my query. I will be updating you tomorrow about the status.

Thanks you so much again.

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Hi Bacdat09,

I checked my rewards again today but i haven’t got the claim button, by the way my wallet is still on the process of being verified up until now it’s been 3 days since I have submitted it. Maybe it’s taking a while because I submitted my identification on the 4th of July. I noticed a"Megathread" explaining the possible reason why its taking a while for the claim button to appear. Anyway it’s still the 6th today I might have to wait until the end of business day. Any advise please?

Just wait many people facing same your prob

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