Brave rewards for March 2022 dissapeared, after "pending" for over a week

My March rewards was pending/being processed for longer than it should have been, but I was reading forum posts I was checking and waiting patiently for the Claim button to appear as there was some delay from what I gathered from the posts I was reading.

But suddenly today, the rewards vanished, no claim button, no more pending rewards for March either. All i see is April rewards being calculated. Where is my March rewards? It was ±3.5 BAT!

Windows 10, Brave v1.37.111
Unverified Wallet

Previously, a claim button would appear and I would claim my rewards.

Not using a VPN
Im in a supported region - South Africa

Update - The Claim button appeared! :slight_smile:

Not sure if posting helped, but my faith in Brave has been restored :relieved:

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