Claim Button not here

Someone still haven’t Claim button ?

Hi @Lerox13 what OS and device are you running? And have you been able to claim rewards in the past?


Im new to brave, been trying it for a month or so, had some BAT on estimated balance, they aren’t showing anymore either in estimated balance or in my balance, it has been like that for 2/3 days now, I guess its the same problem as Lerox13?

I still haven’t verified my wallet but that shouldn’t be a problem right?

Hello @SaltyBanana, I am on surface Pro Win. 10, last version of Brave, and I use Brave since 2 month.

I never had claim button since the 8th dec, there is a dead line to have it ?

Best regards

@SaltyBanana to me either didn’t appear claim button or anything , i am in windows 11 and before i were able to claim but since i reboot laptop idk if any issue happened

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