How to Automatically Switch to New Tab when Opened in Brave

Is there a way to adjust my settings so that I am automatically switched to the new tab when I open a link on a page rather than having to manually switch to the new tab? Thank you.

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Simple answer to your question: no.

That doesn’t offer you much help.

Consider installing the tab activate extension The tab activate extension works for me.

Installing any extension entails risk. More information about this from Krebs on Security and Ars Technica.

The question you asked has come up before. This is one of the still-active threads; there are others.

Thank you very much, redbike9.

Since this is not a new request, why hasn’t Brave added the “automatically switch to the new tab” option in settings by now?

I’m not keen on adding extensions due to the security issues.

I have been using Firefox, but am turned off with their recent move to censor alternative information. However, I REALLY miss the option to automatically switch to a newly opened tab which is available with Firefox but not Brave…

Using control + shift + click to open and view a link is cumbersome. Brave needs to add a settings option to automatically switch to the new tab when opening a link. Come on guys… get her done… it’s long over due…

I like everything about Brave EXCEPT that it doesn’t allow me to automatically switch to the new link I click on (very annoying that it doesn’t). But I’ll never go back to Firefox (funded by Google)… They censor alternative websites like and many others…

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@Twitchy ,
Thank you for the feedback. If you feel strongly about this, please leave us a feature request here on Community.