How the war in Ukraine will affect Brave users in Russia?

I am from Russia. And I haven’t even seen the “Claim my rewards” button for 2 months now. Is it related? And does it make sense to expect payments in the future? I don’t have a Verified Uphold wallet and
Verified Gemini wallets.

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I don’t think you guys will get uphold/gemini feature due to sanctions and economic uncertainty. Uphold no longer serves Russian users. Where to send BAT tokens now? What will be with Russian reward payouts?.

You will be able to earn BAT, participate in brave rewards program. The BAT you earn will stay only in the browser. You will only able to tip content creators, you will not able to take that BAT out of browser like you used to do with uphold/gemini.

If extra sanctions come into effect affecting Brave directly, I think brave will shut down the brave rewards program for russia. Meaning, you will be able to use the browser normally, but ads will not be shown.

Thansk for answer.
But the opportunity to claim rewards disappeared a month before hostilities.

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