Brave Rewards in Russia and CIS

Hello. Today, when I launched the Brave browser, the browser notified me that the Brave Rewards service is not available in my region. And I read about reward changes in 1.48.x.
So, Russia and some CIS countries are unsupported, it turns out that in april after the removal of vBAT, the funds on our non-custodial wallets will be lost?
I have already asked on the forum about possible prospects with custodial operators in the Russian, I was told that work is underway with bitFlyer, but they are still not available in the Russian. It turns out that not a single custodial operator (Uphold, Gemini, bitFlyer) works with our country. Should we wait, or our vBAT and access to the Brave Rewards program will be terminated in april?

It is hard to answer this at the moment. If there can be peace between Russia and Ukraine before then, there may be a possibility for things to be restored. Right now much of the limitations for Russia is because of government sanctions due to Russia vs Ukraine. As long as this continues, you won’t see any options I don’t think.

That said, Brave is always looking to try to get as many countries added as possible. If yours is not made available by time they change it, then the answer is you will lose the vBAT.

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