Payout options for Ukrainians

I know that the question in general was asked and answered for several times and the subject looks clear at the moment, except I wanted to clarify myself one more thing:

Why you guys just do not provide the option to move the earned amount of BAT tokens into the internal Brave Wallet for at least those people of Ukraine who was already verified and passed the KYC at Uphold before they left us on our own due to the war?

They are planning on doing something like this. Not sure when but pretty soon. Probably in Q1 Next year.

You’ll still have to connect to Uphold / Gemini to withdraw BATs out of Brave though. Atleast, this will make sure you don’t lose your rewards just in case you have to format the device!


Answer is because of the war and government sanctions. You can think of things like below as examples:

If you know the very basics of cryptocurrency, then you know that would only be possible by doing on-chain transactions.
Considering that you earn 10BAT, which is worth at current price about 3 dollar. You would have to pay fees that are much higher than the real value of your rewards. In some cases, a transaction may pay up to 50 dollar of fees. Who is gonna pay for that?

Other than that, the whole story about cashing our rewards is due to regulations. Despite using Uphold, Gemini, Brave Wallet, or anything else, Brave still has to comply with the same regulations, fraud, etc. Which are the root of all troubles at the moment.

Sorry, I skipped that part. Answer is because of governments as well.

First off, Brave can’t go against government laws or sanctions.

Secondly, to pay directly to Users Brave would need to KYC/AML everyone, which they don’t want to do.

Lastly, Brave would need licenses with governments to do this, which they don’t want to do at this time.

You can see some of that discussed by Brave at

They will be adding Rewards to be part of Wallet here early next year, but you’ll still need to have it Verified with a custodial partner to move it anywhere.

Crypto had been unregulated and decentralized, which was awesome. But then governments stepped in and wanted taxes. They also argued cryptocurrency was being used for money laundering, funding terrorism, and much more. As a result, they have all gotten incredibly strict. Violations of these laws can result in high fees and/or imprisonment for people who work for these companies.

The cost and risk isn’t worth it, neither for Brave nor for Users.

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