Withdrawal of the BAT cryptocurrency!

Good afternoon! please tell me, here in Russia the Uphold wallet and the Gemini Exchange are not available, therefore they cannot be connected to Brave Rewards, is there any alternative way to withdraw the BAT cryptocurrency for Russian use?

Sorry to say, it’s a NO. Because of the Russian Military operations going on in Ukraine, the USA and it’s allies have sanctioned Russia and other countries due to this Uphold and Gemini have currently paused operations in Russia & Ukraine. You will only be able to store the BAT on your browser. Currently the staff at brave is in conversation with Uphold and trying to figure out solutions. However at this time the assumption is that you just can’t do anything except let it grow within your browser and maybe tip creators

You can get a better idea of what’s going on at the notice →

OK I agree with that) But there is another idea. Look, there is a crypto wallet in the Brave browser, the creators and programmers of Brave can make it so that all the earned cryptocurrency BAT can be transferred directly to the browser-crypto wallet? after all, they can easily organize it, why not do so, at least until the Uphold or some other opportunity appears for withdrawal in Russia?)

Yes, that’s already in the works. They haven’t revealed specifics yet but I’ve heard it might be there by Q2 2023.

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