How to wisdraw BAT from browser in Ukraine

How wisdraw BAT in Ukraine? I cannot register in Uphold and Gemini! How can i take my money.
Ukrainians are the dregs of society in your opinion?
I watched an ad so that I wouldn’t get paid later? I demand my money! Are you scammers?
Give me the answer now!

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ye bro it looks terrible right now,they dont care about you or your country or what you guys are going through,else they wouldve made it available to you, they closed off most regions now so they really dont care about anybody else who wants to use rewards in other country whether yur husband or boyfriend left to fight for countries freedom or not they really dont care so my advice is look for something else in the meantime coz it doesnt look like things are going to change i used to get bat but now i read that theres even a more new error thats happening and some people experienced it for a about a year so ye this servicee is terrible,if you want you can still use and see updates but they banned countries indefinately so i dont think it will change in the coming years so its up to you what you want to do but dont expect a life changing answer today or in the coming months it will be an answer that will lead to a dead end so the choice is yours but the rewards system stinks,unless your in the supported regions.

You can’t. It’s not like Brave is behind that decision. You are able to earn BAT that you either save or tip to Creators. In order to withdraw, you need to be able to use an exchange that supports Brave. Only two such changes exist for most of the world, which is Gemini and Uphold.

Due to the war and government sanctions, service to Russia, Ukraine, and others are limited or banned.

You can demand all you want, government has more control and said you’re screwed for now. Eventually they may open to you again but for now you get nothing.

No, they aren’t. Brave is paying you BAT for ads. Your issue is with Uphold and Gemini, as well as United States government which all are prohibiting Service to your region while the war is occurring.

The places who are providing services to your region would be such as Binance, as they broke their company into two. The United States side is separate and therefore they don’t have to worry about those sanctions or issues. Unfortunately Binance has not signed any agreements with the American owned Brave Software to allow Users to link Brave with them to receive BAT.

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