Brave regards not showed on brave Webbrowser

Dear Support Brave Support,

I have about 20 bats in 3 different devices, with non custodial wallet to share tips for but after automatic update, my 12 bats for September disappear !!
it showed a message ==> your September rewards have arrived, but it not show the tokes on Brave Browser.

batnot comes

It is unacceptable you guy got payed for the advertisement and not share to the brave users.
it is also unacceptable that brave changes politics without notified the user about your politics changes. at moment i have my bat staked on Brave creators

I wanna have please my bats, that i got on Brave advertisement,
Im verified user at Uphold from Brazil , with that i cannot recover my founds from Brave creators

Best Regards

This can happen sometimes. Most likely they do get paid off with the next payout or if you’re lucky enough then if you raise a ticket, Brave team pays you that time.

Lmao, Brave has nothing to do with politics. The regional changes (I guess you mean this) is because of your regional rules & regulations, frauds & scams.


  • The good news is we’re making progress with Uphold and hopefully will have Brazil, India, and other countries turned on soon. We’re just waiting for Uphold to finish up a few things surrounding fraud.

The above was said by @jsecretan in the community call on Tuesday this week… so Uphold might turn back on by November I guess…(Thats my personal opinion so don’t treat it as said by Official from Brave)…
If you had Brave connected to Gemini before region unsupported then you can connect to Gemini

thank you for your answer, in Brazilian there not changes on criptho market and everything ist donation is free of taxes in brazilian , the regulation will take place next year, we have the rights, when see advertisement, and get pay for that, that is compromised by brave.
but suddenly, without report us, Brave and uphold and Gemini staked our payments and Tokens on their blockchain.
I have opened Tickets but i dont get any answer als creater and user.

Don’t worry. All the crypto you have on Gemini and Uphold is still accessible and withdrawable to you. The only thing which is happening is that the BATs you earn in rewards cannot be transferred to Uphold / Gemini at this moment. You will be able to do that once support is restored.

Blocked amount release request

Brave Creator Campaign and Advertising paid to the user.

Dear Sir President of Brave Software, Inc and Uphold corporation.

Dear, I would like to point out that I am filing a lawsuit in Brazilian civil justice for Misleading Advertising and asset accessibility transaction against the company Brave Software, Inc and Uphold Exchange.
Brave companies propagate token earnings advertising and offer token payments on social networks with the function [Tipps] , on Social Channels such as Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo Channel.
The company Uphold Exchange offers active trading and staking service in Brazilian, which I am verified user with my identification documents.
On website by now that it does not support Brazil and another countries
So without notified the users, the company Brave and Uphold blocked the balances and payments to users, predicate that the country is no longer supported.
an example the country Brazil has not changed any law for the receipt of assets and gains, even because the user must report at the end with the ministry of finance, for payment of taxes.

Get this one thing clear. You’re not like investing time specifically or paying Brave to pay you or something, like investing. Also you’re getting BATs still. The only issue is that you are not eligible to convert it to money right now. I’m sure they are going to add Brazil soon cause they added 10 new regions back for Uphold a few days back

Dear Mister SmartyAadi, Ithink you didn´t understand, what i wrote, my funds on Brave creator is blocked and last rewards disappears.
why dont Brave use that Build-in wallet, that brave promote on advertisement ???
Best Regards

Yes, that’s true.

I’m not sure what you mean. Like what’s happening, be a bit clear?

They’re working on that. Most likely Going to be done in Q2 2023. But still you would require a external Custodian wallet to be able to withdraw that BATs to Cash.

They can’t let you withdraw to cash from the Brave Wallet cause then Brave would be required to do KYC / AML. That would just complicate things more. And also they will need to get a money transmitter license in every region. Also if they do KYC /AML then try to understand what all you put at risk. Brave database will have your Passwords, browsing history, passport, and other official ID. Just in case they ever have a data breach this will be the luckiest day for Hackers / Fraudsters / Scammers.

brave has made their decision, no one know what is true

Hello Steve, i think that s not right, decision from brave, without inform the user about the
cut off changes .
we creators wanna get paid for our information videos!!
best regards

Well, if there’s frauds and stuff happening, like a lot. Then there’s actually nothing that can be done. Also frauds and scams are not something that can be time framed therefore there’s no possibility that they could inform this earlier

Thank you , i got paid, brave support.
best regards

Users who’s wallets have been flagged for suspicious activity are not eligible to receive or earn from Brave Ads. Do not attempt to defraud the Rewards/Ads system. Brave discourages using VPNs for the purpose of downloading ad catalogs from other countries.

Dear Mister selvenvid,
Sorry to say but you guys from Support always come with those Excuses, that the users got Flagged, actually on September the Brave Browser came with new update, and kick out the connection browser to Uphold and Gemini .
every user got with message ==> Error : Region not supported .
the rewards from September and October has been erased and not credit to another month !!!
Actually user has not right to change state on blockchain
full log file attached this post ==>
brave_rewards_log (1).txt (714.5 KB)

log file most ===>] Failed to redeem unblinded payment tokens due to invalid wallet

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