How often does brave sync

I would like to know how often does brave sync between 2 devices?
For example, I add a favorite on my PC devices and I can’t see on my android phone immediatly. Sometime, I have to wait for 1 or 2 days before the favorite to be add.
How does it work?
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Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Community :slight_smile: :tada:
So if you add a device to the Sync chain, the time in which it takes to Sync/Propagate can vary, but will likely come close to ~2m 30s.

For devices on the chain, the browser will attempt to Sync about once every minute or so.

Hope this helps!

Hey @Mattches. What should we do in the case that this doesn’t happen? Where it does take days or even never at all?

Same question. The Sync seems not to work After a New release on Android

If Sync doesn’t work for you at all then that’s part of a larger list of Sync issue the team is currently addressing. If you’re experiencing that, I’d remove the device from the Sync chain and start from scratch.

Again, the team is working diligently on several Sync issues and improvements. We appreciate your patience.

You the man @Mattches. :muscle:

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i read this somewhere earlier but see i cannot find it now
Is there anything more to be added in brave sync on the roadmap ?
Brave browser has a red triangle beside the address bar , the same brave rewards can the accessed via the drop down menu then it has a dedicated option in the settings page under advanced tab and appearence section

Thats too much of rewards

Greeting’s @Mattches

You can disable the Brave Rewards icon if you’re not using it in Settings --> Appearance.
Rewards are entirely opt-in.

Yes, as I said previously, we’re currently working on several fixes and features of Sync and hope to have them ready for release soon.

brave rewards is a core feature in brave browser i get that but it has 4 different ways to access the functionality in the ui thus cluttering it up

Screenshots in brave browser road map if any

a screenshot option in the browser that is also integrated with brave sync

right clicking on a image or highlighted text in the browser with the ability to push it to brave sync

Similarly right clicking a direct download link with the ability to share it in brave sync or download it to dropbox or similar

Should be good if it ever happens !

Brave reminds me of uc browser offering cutting edge features a clean ui with functionablity that matters but over time growing fatter instead of a fatter userbase

Overall brave browser has been a great offering that has performance functionality and a blend of features adapting to the new web of today with the intent of fixing some of it

It took me more than 3 months to get around everything the browser offers with a steep learning curve in the publisher’s arena

From a user standpoint took me a while to get around why brave browser ? ****me is The browser in banks govt offices businesses android phones to name a few

why should i be concerned then (applicable to people asking that ) if they are not

to me it has been the go to problem for a much much wider range of the population why should they bother if theres no need of it :neutral_face:

run a commercial on national tv could fix some of it

this is all coming from a fifth tier country, India

Don’t get too serious
There’s nothing in here


Some day i hope brave will fix this too

Keyboard overlapps over the text editing box

We appreciate your feedback – it would be better to place it in the feedback section, however :slight_smile:

Could you open a new thread in the mobile support section with the relevant details surrounding the keyboard issue on your Android device?

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