Does sync work for desktop/laptop yet?

I just downloaded Brave a few weeks ago. I see the option to sync across devices, but it’s not an option on my laptop, but is on my phone. When will it be available? I am running 1.9.76 on my computer.


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Please see:

Hey guys,
I’m really frustrated with this theme.
Ma android has a brave and I never could connect my Uphold wallte because I never found the way to set it up. I was logged into the Brave browser, but not Uphold.
I did try to find the Sync nieder at my pc-browser not at my android to connect both gadget and it doesn’t show to me. Reading about this topic here, someone told me to delete the app and reinstall it. So I did it on my phone and the 19USD BAT is gone.
Can I recover my Wallet from my android?
The way to sync is still not set and the “sync” on my desktop isn’t there to be seen.
tks for help.

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