Sync across devices - nada?


I’m running version Version 1.7.98 and seem to have no syncing happening anywhere… what gives?

I love this browser, but if I can’t have favourites and passwords synced across devices I’ll have to bail back to one of the other browsers…


Brave Sync on desktop is temporarily disabled since v1.3.x and higher. It is in priority and the team is working on it. Some information can be found here


p.s. this forum have a search feature. Search the keyword and sort it to “Latest post” then you’ll find similar threads.

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This was the latest post and your answer helped me. For clarification, without sync, do I have two different Brave Rewards accounts?


all those posts have been closed with no answer… all coming soon basically not answering when it’ll be re-enabled… so why I asked again…

too bad guess I’ll go back to another browser that does sync across devices…

If you read the post I linked above :point_down:

When it’s ready but we have top people on it and a sound plan being executed. Likely Q2.

Again, it’s in priority and the team is working on it asap.

Thanks for your patience.

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