Brave Sync Doesn't Sync Despite Starting A Sync Chain

Hello! So I enabled Brave Sync on the main desktop browser and went through the process. I established a Sync chain on my desktop using the code words on the Android version of my Brave browser. Despite doing this, the BAT still isn’t syncing up with my desktop. I verified my Uphold account a couple days ago and want to withdraw the BAT I earned from the Android version of Brave.

Because Sync is only sync your bookmarks.

If you want to withdrawal your BAT from Android, the latest version 1.10.x support the feature. Click BAT triangle icon to verify and connect your Uphold.

I have a sync Chain between my smartphone and more than one laptop and the bookmarks don’t sync. Is the Brave sync chain feature working between smartphones and laptops?

I have an issue as well with the Syncing between my iPhone and my Macbook. Any idea when this will be fixed?


Same here - can’t find the synch button on the desktop version with my mobile app. Played around and was searching for similar issues, however, there is no solution in place yet :frowning:

Pls fix :slight_smile:


Hi! Tell me pls. why I haven’t the Sync option in my Brave B menu?

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Brave Sync is temporarily disabled for desktop since v1.3 and higher.

Sync v2 is in the works and will re-enable Sync.


I just received the message from Uphold stuff with the question about syncing BB account to Uphold.

Can you please confirm when you synced your brave browser to Uphold? Normally any previously synced funds get transferred over in the next month’s payout.

Probably this might be the case, why my funds(in BAT) stuck in the Brave browser and not moving to verified Uphold account. Probably there is a way to sync the Brave Browser to Uphold account, and if anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

I’ll sincerely appreciate your help!

Is there a way to find out when it is enabled so we know when to try again? Will the new beta notify us?

Speaking of which, is there any way to turn on auto update for betas or do we need to download each one? Is there a notification for when new ones are available?

[Ah, I see this is tagged with Windows…I’m using Mac, FYI]

I followed the procedure, clicked “add a device” on the desktop, the qr code appeared, opened the phone, and synchronized it via the qr code showing in the desktop.
The problem is that nothing is synchronized. I selected “all” where it asks me what to sync.
Yet on the phone I have zero bookmarks.

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The prob looks like ios isn’t ready yet, and android is still borked…

Support for iOS will follow shortly.

Wouldn’t hold you breath when ios becomes “ready”… You’ll (as in “we”) will most likely be the “beta” testers for this… :expressionless:

Edit: looks like Android isn’t out with right version either… clean install, trying both starting a chain and joining one doesn’t look anything like the screenshots in the blog… ie. No categories button… So despite the blog, only Desktop seems available…

For what it’s worth for android, don’t hit the install button from your library when doing a clean install… google play was installing the old version! Search for brave like you never installed it before and install it from there… holy dunskies… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: Also notice that before, google play never said brave had an update either… So if you’re running android, maybe you need to uninstall brave first then install it like described above… which means your settings will be all gone… ughhh… :face_vomiting:

The problem is that the version on Google Play is listed as 1.11.105.
The devs said that Sync will work for people using desktop Brave version 1.12 and for mobile users using Brave version 1.12.
The update hasn’t been released as of now, or some of us are still restricted from it.

You can use it now if you’re willing to set it up again… that’s all i claimed in my post…

So played with sync2 on my 2 mac laptops, which both brave installs are identical in terms of settings/themes and my android phone.

So on mac1, it started the chain. Copied the sync code to use for mac2, which hit the “I haz code” button and pasted the sync code in. Waited some 15 minutes and checked the settings which should be exactly as before the sync. They were which is good. Checked the bookmarks. There were no changes. Perfect. Checked mac1’s bookmarks and they were same as before sync… Awesome. On mac1, saved a new bookmark… Checked mac2’s bookmarks… new bookmark added. Schweet… Deleted the new bookmark on both machines, and did the same test, but with mac2 creating new bookmark and seeing if mac1 gets the new bookmark… it did… Yay!

Now to test the sync with the android phone, which is just hit the scan qr code button and pressing the mac1’s add a device button. Brave install on the droid was just installed 5 minutes before the syncing, so pretty recent… So on the macs my categories are:

apps, bookmarks, extensions, settings, themes, and addresses…

The droid has a couple different items and missing a couple of items found on the desktop. So the only one’s I seemed to care about was bookmarks and settings, although droid’s different than desktop… probably no overlap and I don’t have another phone device as well where the settings category would matter… No crashes (like from maybe conflicting settings - phone vs. desktop) and in a few minutes the droid brave went from 0 bookmarks to all 660 bookmarks… Noice… Did the bookmark test by adding a new one on mac1, and a couple of moments droid brave had new bookmark (mac2 as well). Did it again, but had droid brave save bookmark… mac brave installs seemed both to have new bookmark… Ding ding ding!

Yeah… Seems to work a peach! I must say good job folks! To be honest I wasn’t expecting much… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I set up a sync chain between my 2 Android devices, all good. Tried to add my Windows laptop today (using a sync code from my Android device), got a message to say ‘sync started’ but then nothing happens, the laptop doesn’t get added to the chain (the Android devices don’t appear on the laptop device list and the laptop doesn’t appear on the Android device list). However, on the laptop settings there is now an option to ‘leave sync chain’, so it seems like it thinks it’s part of a chain, but just not the one I want! Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: I uninstalled and re-installed Brave, now working fine between all devices.

Don’t know what happened but sync went totally wonky… one wierd thing was the difference between desktops and mobile bookmarks… Desktop uses Bookmarks, mobile (as in I only have android) uses “Mobile bookmarks”. Bookmark syncing started to get messed up adding mobile bookmarks… On desktop, newly created “Mobile bookmarks” would then disappear, and the bookmarks originally created in mobile disappeared. Then after work, lo and behold major borkage like before in v1 sync… Pretty soon I soon had 1900 book marks… basically my original bookmarks + 2 full copies of those bookmarks… Went to go about manually fixing the bookmarks… Basically I don’t know a good process to use… After I got a new sync, when everything looked good, I killed the sync chain. But doing that, I think it means never using sync again unless you want to start from scratch… or maybe, sync 2 devices at a time, take 1 out of the chain when done, add a different device… But basically, v2 sync == v1 sync. Also selecting the settings category did absolutely nothing… on my target device after waiting like 10 minutes, settings for passwords or payment methods didn’t change on the original or target device…

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