How long for sync to take effect?

Hello, all. I’ve returned to Brave (1.41.100), and installed it on my laptop (Windows 10) and android (version 11) tablet. I successfully set up the sync chain about an hour ago, but so far nothing has synced. How long is he average waiting period before sync takes effect? Thank you. Ed

@Edward1944 Usually just a matter of a few minutes. Make sure to check out your Sync settings, such as that you have marked for it to share whatever you’re wanting to be shared.

I say that because the default doesn’t cover everything if I remember right. Once in the past I had linked my phone and things didn’t show, then I went to brave://settings/braveSync/setup and saw that a lot of things were unselected. So I toggled all on. (then eventually just clicked the sync everything button, but yeah)

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the syncing occured while I was on this forum. My bookmarks have synced OK, but the start page icons from my Windows laptop haven’t appeared. Do they take longer to sync, or do they not sync at all? Thanks again for your help. Ed

Yeah, Top Site icons and all are different for each browser. It doesn’t sync.

Thanks. You’ve answered all my questions, and I’m glad to be back on the Brave browser. Ed

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