How much BAT's we can get for 1 ad?

I have received 73 ads & pending rewards are 0.780 BAT which means 0.780/73 = 0.01068 BAT for 1 ad
Is this correct?


Yes I believe so, good math


Hello @karthikkm07 @Owen1 without math :wink: you can check all the ads targeting you and with their value from here

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Well thanks for the link.
But i didn’t get what I want.

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you welcome but what you want ?

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Looks right to me. Have a good day.

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Hey there,

Well, no, each ad should be valued in 0.010 BATs. That could be a little difference you could have starting in the past. Take note of that difference and the next month, after the payout, if you still have that difference, notify to @steeven, that is the guy on charge of those things.

Ok, this is very cool. I’ll keep that.

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Nevermind i have found what I want.
Found that 1 ad = 0.010 BAT


Yes, it’s correct!
I also found the same value by calculating.
Have you ever been paid or it’s the first time?

Paid about totally 100 BATS for 6 months (from 3 pcs)

How in 6 months 100 BATS can you explain me

wow how in six months 100 BATS?

From 3 pcs
5 ads per hour

i have a doubt how to withdraw is uphold acc needed compulsory?

Previously 70% BAT income so i got
now it’s 10% i guess

yes uphold must be verified

hey only 3 browsers?

Do you get 5 ads every hour
I have the same settings
But it only pays for 4 ads What to do?

u can get upto 5 ads per hour not everytime u can get .

Not 3 browsers
its ads repeated with 3 same pictures