How much you are getting for 1 ad? I am getting only 0.01 bat for 1 ad

How much you are getting for 1 ad? I am getting only 0.01 bat for 1 ad that means I have to see 100 ads for 1 bat what a bullshit… The team need to increase the amount.


Yes, lately even i have been receiving the same amount, i guess that is because of the increase in the value of BAT to $0.3. It’s really sad that they have decreased. Their customer base might decrease because of this.

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Are you a new user or old?

@Vipulxxx @samroshan1310 the advertiser are the one who decide the value of bat per ads not brave
and ofcourse the bat exchange rate affect it

Soon this become another sort of business like what chrome developed to do now.

This browser willl helps to get rid of ads that annoy us all the time while browsing.

Other than that you or me won’t gets much support.

Now a days if you see the count of ads also decreased.

I think this happen due to BAT price increase of 50%. Hope they will get back it to standard reward points of 0.05 per ad when the price decrease.

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On what factors does the price of the ad depend on @justsomeone1 ?

  • Country you are using the browser from
  • Who publish ads in your country

Mostly these are the factors I know.

the advertiser are the one who set it so it’s their choice
that the only thing i know

have a nice day

I got an advertisement 2 months later today. But I saw that the value of 1 ad is now 0.010 bat. As soon as the sink does not increase, will it be corrected?

8 reklam geldi 0.080 bat değerinde. Ayrıca ethereum yüzünden uphold dan başka bir yere transferde 5 bat kesinti yapmaya başladı. Eski sistem çekmeye devam edeceğiz yani ripple a dönüştürerek, ripple a dönüşümde %1,95 bir ücret varmış. Ripple olarak gönderimde ücret yok diye hatırlıyorum. :joy:

Aynen bende tam olarak 8 reklam aldım. Bizim bu kapatıp açma bugunu da kapatmışlar galiba :smiley: Bat’ın değeri arttı diye bu kadar da korkmasalardı keşke zengin olmıcaz

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me i get 1 ads for 0.001 from 0.05 to 0.001 sad but true

If you think a little more well… ethereum right now has High fees, so part of the lower ad ratio revenue maybe to cover the payment fees for them at the end of this month. For example at the beginning of this month uphold had a 30BAT network fee for taking out BAT to other wallets, now is a little lower, but is the same for us because if they also have to pay that fee, well, more fees for them mean less BAT for us.


Now compare this one. information so that the price for advertising has decreased.
What does the ether network have to do with it?
The cost per ad has dropped significantly, and this is not due to Ether commission or Uphold
At the moment, the browser itself credits us with Bat to its wallet. There is no question of any transfer. Enough to mislead people with your messages about Ethereum.

BAT runs on the ethereum blockchain, even the official site says so, every transaction made with tokens or even ethereum needs gas to be process and is paid to that network.

No transactions are performed in the browser itself for crediting rewards.
This information about the Ethereum network is not appropriate in this case. Another thing is when there are transfers to the Uphold wallet.

That’s the point, have you think on all the users with Uphold sync or publishers now with gemini?

I repeat once again that Brave credits BAT inside the browser. There should be no talk of any Ethereum network. Many users do not connect Uphold, but still have a low ad rate.

Yes i know but at the same time there are tons of users with Uphold, if fees to pay are high where they are suppose to obtein more money to pay them, thay can’t just ask for more money, they need to readjust numbers to have enough to pay users (non upholders) and pay fees (for upholders and also give them their BAT)

(Also local BAT is virtual until is credited to uphold and it has it’s backed on real BAT that is on the real wallets on their side).

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